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Hot Tubs & Swim Spas In-Stock
Great Pricing!
Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, and everything must go!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah State Fairpark

155 1000 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Friday 12-8
Saturday 10-8
Sunday 10-6
Come in for the best deals and take immediate delivery.

Pleasanton, CA

Alamedia County Fairgrounds

4501 Pleasanton Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Friday 12-8
Saturday 10-8
Sunday 10-6
Come in for the best deals and take immediate delivery.

Major Lines of brand new 2023 inventory


Our events normally run Friday-Sunday. They are held in-doors in climate controlled comfort. Don't miss this opportunity to save thousands.

Free Admission

All of our events offer free admission and most have free parking. Why pay to shop, come to one of our events for free.

Everything must go

We typically have over a 100 Hot Tubs and Swim Spas available and everything must go. We price them to move. Come see for yourself.

18-Month Financing

We offer on-site, 18-month interest free financing (to qualified buyers, financing provided by Synchrony Financial).


Hot Tubs

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of owning your own spa. Who can’t use some stress relief? A hot tub may also alleviate muscle and Arthritis pain as well as insomnia.
A couple relaxing in a hot tub

Huge Selection

We have many models to choose from so you are sure to find the hot tub thats right for you.
A couple talking in a hot tub with fireplace and lake in the background.

Trade-ins welcome*

We'll even haul away your old hot tub.
(*Trade-in amounts vary and are determined by age, condition and demand)

Come See The Revolutionary Swim Spa In Action

You get the massaging hot water jets and all the enjoyment that a spa can offer in a unit that also includes a swimming area.

Exercise with low impact

Water provides buoyancy to reduce impact while enhancing flexibility, strength and balance.

Swim the entire year

Unlike a traditional pool, a swim spa can be used year round in any climate.

The benefits of owning the revolutionary Swim Spa

Click on the boxes below to see all the benefits
You get the massaging hot water jets and all the enjoyment that a spa can offer in a unit that also includes a swimming area. The only difference is that this is much more compact than a traditional in-ground pool with a separate area for a hot tub or spa.
Although the swim spa is designed differently than a traditional swimming pool, it is still large enough to fit a number of people and to allow the same kind of fun enjoyed in traditional swimming pools. Again, the main difference is the depth of the water and a smaller pool area.
Pools are out of the question for some people because they don’t have sufficient space in their backyards. Swim spas may be the answer because they don’t take up nearly the size of a traditional swimming pool.
Swim spas are more like spas or fiberglass swimming pools, so if they are going in-ground, the installation is fairly quick and easy. However, they also come in above ground models that make the installation even simpler.
Perhaps the most popular reason to get a swim spa is to enjoy the ability to swim laps without worrying about turns or paying for big pools. Water jets that can be adjusted for various speeds pushing out against the swimmer, keeping them in place, as they swim against the current. With the jets off, the swim spa can also be used for other water-based exercises.
Spas are great for relaxing and easing muscle tensions and aches, particularly after exercise. With the swim spa, you can go almost immediately from your water workout into the massaging waters of the spa. No driving to a gym of pool its right in you own backyard.
Swim spas that are not in-ground units have the advantage of being mobile, meaning they can move when you move. While there’s a certain benefit to adding a little to the price of your home because of the swimming pool, it’s also nice to start with a swim spa in your new home.
Because the swim spas are portable, they can be located indoors or outdoors. If your home has an indoor location for a swim spa, you can enjoy the unit even on stormy or snowy days.
A swim spa that may have been meant for the swimmer in the family is likely to encourage others to try out the benefits of easy, lap swimming. The jets that provide resistance that can be adjusted for beginner swimmers or for much more capable swimmers.
Compared to a traditional swimming pool, the maintenance for a swim spa is much easier because it is smaller and uses fewer chemicals. Also, the fiberglass or acrylic construction produces a smooth surface that minimizes the production of algae.

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